Thérèse MASSOT
née le 22 Septembre 1944
à Pézilla-la-Rivière - France
Fascinated by the early age drawing and painting, nothing and no one may interfere with the continued commitment of Teresa Massot.
After working in a law firm, raised his children, the appeal of the brushes was the strongest ... and it is free of family constraints that Teresa was able to deliver all its energy, palette in hand.
Singular artist, Teresa Massot offers us a way out without required reading, where the soul speaks frankly, outside of schools of thought patterns or prefabricated. Probably surreal for some of his works, we feel through themes, a symbolic approach.
On the occasion of his travels, especially in Sicily, she will discover the light from which emerge landscapes lit and mysterious unicorn ... Undoubtedly, the artist works with and exploits the possibilities of happiness depth of his favorite subject: the oil, placed gently brush, rarely with a knife, the artist avoids the extra thickness give full attention to graphics.
The range, though varied, is intended rather mixed as to never offend but séduire.Peinture of great delicacy of tone, Thérèse Massot us back to the atmosphere or the ambiance of the place, the mystery of a look, light of a landscape ...
A series of nude shows us a picture well composed where the material is dispersed gently, rhythmically s'accorddent the curves with the gentle nuances. The sculpture is not left, a lion made of patinated land would not be denied by Rodin ... as a result of bare clay natural ...
We are in the presence of a work beautiful and successful outcome of the work of an artist who finds peace in his insatiable search for authentic artistic values.
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